My reflection on writing a post

What I think, when I write my blog posts.

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Ok, so I need to write another blog post for my website. But about what? What topics have I learned in the last courses of my masters degree program.. I should write about something I am passionate about otherwise this task will be tedious and it doesn’t have to be. We had a prototyping workshop in London, that was really cool. I learned a lot – I should write about that. But I have no idea what to title it. Maybe I can jot down some ideas and then come back to it when I finish the post. This way I can also make sure that the title fits the content. I begin to write down two to four subtitles that give me a red thread and orientation. I think of an introduction and things readers need to know in order to understand what it is about. If I don’t put enough effort into the structure of the text I will sooner or later lose direction and have to rewrite most of it. My brain tends to overflow with ideas in all directions which can be good for brainstorming but it can also make everything more complicated if I try to focus on just one thing. 

I don’t like having to be creative under pressure. I guess that’s one of my biggest sources of stress. When I write I like to take my time and do everything thoroughly. To be creative, you need a free flow of thoughts. Stress has the opposite effect. I think that’s the crux of creative work. But I’m rambling again… 

When I’m mentally stuck I tell myself approximately 78,720 times that I can do this and many people before me have done it. Sometimes I even believe it. Structure and planning are also two things I’ve grown very fond of over the past few years. A place that always helps me a lot is Google. I search the topic I’m writing about and look for books, read articles and other blog posts, or even watch YouTube videos. Especially on prototyping there are a lot of interesting methods and this way I can consolidate and deepen the knowledge from my first experiences. Gaining insight and a better understanding of the topic benefit my writing process. It’s always good to get a lot of input from many different sources. Not only online, but I also like to talk to my friends and colleagues in the industry about their experiences and opinions. 

All of this inspires me and gives me ideas. Often they come randomly, for example, when I’m working on something different, lying on the couch, or watching funny dog videos. Whenever an idea comes to me, I immediately write it down wherever possible. Sometimes just a piece of paper or a post-it. My brain needs time to process things. That is probably why I’m not good at doing things at the last minute.

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