Hi,  I´m Pia

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You are right, “Ricks Cafe” is not the name of a coffee shop. This site is my portfolio, my personal blog, my creative outlet, or another internet touchpoint, if you will. More precisely, it’s a kind of logbook for my time as a student in the Content Strategy master’s program at Fh Joanneum in Graz, Austria. In short, it’s just another tiny blob in the infinite vastness of the internet that hopefully can provide you with some kind of added value.

Let me tell you why I chose this name for my website. This name means everything to me. It is the kennel name of my first dog that I grew up with. We called him Ricki. He was a chunky black labrador – always hungry and looking for a good swim in our neighbors pools. He never missed an opportunity to embarrass me while taking his sweet time getting out of the neatly cleaned pool, while the homeowner watched in amusement, yet annoyance, as I tried to fish his 40-kilo butt out of the water.

Since this website shows a part of my life, the name felt appropriate.

As you can see, keeping it short is not my strong suit. Funnily enough, it’s the opposite of how I work: Write only what is important. Less is usually more, and more efficiency means less demotivation – therefore: Strategy is key. Always.

My main social media accounts are private and I doubt you would find them interesting because I do not like to talk about the things I do – I know, very old fashioned but this girl is internet shy. I prefer to be the busy little mouse in the background, making sure everything works. But you can find me on LinkedIn.

Image: Canva / Kamchatka